Women’s AM were thrilled to feature DAN of Hunger Management, CLAUDIA of Hansel and Gretel Bakery and BRENDA of Lupita Mexican Foods.

Dan, free spirit and Food Truck owner, loves nothing more than creating dishes from local ingredients, interacting with people and serving delicious eats.

Claudia, the consummate pastry chef who has been working for over 15 years brought her cool, calm and collected style to a fabulous lemon curd delight. It is clear from Claudia’s demonstration that she has a wide knowledge and a genuine love for baking and creating the perfect dessert.

Brenda’s love of her family restaurants and traditional cooking is so evident in her passion for her craft, and in her personal stories of her grandmother and their journey together over seven years in Vancouver which entertained us all. Brenda went on to demonstrate and serve a Mexican egg dish which everyone loved.

A fabulous morning was had by all, and we left with many ideas to try in our own kitchens.

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