Blog Post and Photos – December 12, 2019 – Meeting and Holiday Social

To our Women’s AM network of amazing women:

On December 12th, we celebrated the holiday season and the relationships we have built as a group. We are thankful for each one of you, and as we close the chapter on this year and decade, we wish you the very best success, both personally and professionally in 2020 and beyond!

We had a fabulous year of learning, growth and connections, and although the future is uncertain, we welcome the new year with anticipated excitement for what it may bring.

Cheers and Happy New Year from the 2019 Executive Committee.

Blog Post and Photos – November 14, 2019 with Eileen Dwillies

Eileen Dwillies’ talk was divided into two parts: during the first half she introduced us to various food movements around the Greater Vancouver area; recommended a few of her favourite cook book authors ( e.g. Michael Ableman) and suggested local markets to purchase our fresh produce from (e.g. Bruce’s Market, Hopcott Meats, Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, Lepp Farm Market, Golden Meadows Honey Farm).

During the second half of Eileen’s interesting talk she offered several time saving and delicious ideas for appetizers. Do you actually know the difference between an appetizer and hors d’ouvres? Appetizers are served as the first course when seated at the table. Hors d’ouvres, on the other hand, are one-bite items that are stationary or passed on a tray. Hors d’ouvres are served separate or prior to a meal. The literal translation means “outside the meal.”

Here’s one handy tip we loved: when serving small meatballs offer them with pretzel sticks instead of the ordinary toothpick or plastic picker! Thanks Eileen, great tip!


Our Five Minute Spotlight Speaker was Lily Laverton of Nurse Next Door.

For seniors, Nurse Next Door is an attractive alternative to a retirement home. With the help of a Nurse Next Door they can stay in their own home, being looked after and cared for in their golden years.

For more information please go to or email Lily directly:

Here’s a glimpse of our delicious, interactive morning meeting:

Blog Post and Photos – October 10, 2019 with Kristina Steinmetz

Our October speaker, Kristina Steinmetz, gave us lots of easy to implement, cost efficient, clever ideas to make our office space a bit more ‘calm and cozy’.
We don’t all have the luxury of having our own office, either away from home or in our own home. Regardless of where we’re working from, having an organized space that feels like ‘ours’ adds to a more productive, inspirational work flow.

Here are some of our take-away’s from Kristina’s talk:

Comfort: Invest in a great chair (more important than a desk)! Add a foot rest under your desk – lift your legs once in a while, it feels great. If possible, place your desk against a wall for you to be ‘in control’ of knowing who enters your space.

For a Personal Touch: Add a few photos, a souvenir, an inspirational quote or a painting that mean something to you.

Plants: Choose plants that are easy to look after and who like shade. For artificial plants, purchase real moss to cover up the tell-tale signs.

Lights: Inexpensive clip-on lights offer a direct light source. Floor lights diffuse light more evenly.

Storage Ideas: Use kitchen storage pieces (e.g. IKEA), use separation pieces for your drawers, wall mounted magazine racks, label matching baskets / boxes.

Sound: Try noise cancelling headphones if you love quiet and peace.

Colours: If you love a colour, go for it! This is your space! Don’t hold back!

For more clever and inspirational transformations go to

Our 5 Minute Business Card Spotlight Speaker was Roxanne Davidson of Cabi Clothing
Roxanne introduced us to Cabi Clothing: convenient, stress and hassle free clothes shopping at home. Roxanne brought a variety of mix and match outfits from the autumn collection for us to admire and try on. For further information about Cabi Clothing or to book your personal in-home shopping experience contact Roxanne directly by email at or via her Facebook page:

Blog Post and Photos – September 12, 2019 with Alice Zhou

We kicked off our fall sessions with a lesson in fashion and business and what better way to increase success for our members!

Alice Zhou of Gracious Host Events and PR quizzed attendees on such terms as “Coutour” and “Attalia”, explaining industry trends, and how what we wear truly compliments and supports each of us, both personally and professionally. To learn more and connect with Alice, explore her website at

This month’s Business Card Spotlight featured Andie Froese of Kudoz where adults with and without cognitive disabilities come together around their passions and learn from each other. To become a host and volunteer your time for this program, contact Andie via the website at or by phone at 604.862.5836.

*Be sure to enter our monthly draw to win your five minute opportunity to promote your business or event at an upcoming meeting.

Join us for our next meeting which will be on Thursday, October 10th at 7am – stay-tuned for details.

Blog Post and Photos – July 18, 2019 Summer Social

We enjoyed getting “shady” at our “Rockin’ the Rays Summer Social”. Many thanks to our fabulous hosts Lori, Greg and Brandy at Kingfishers Waterfront Bar & Grill, who went over the top to welcome and entertain our group, to all the lovely ladies who joined us, and to our Executive Committee for their efforts – all of which made for a FUNtastic event! Special thanks to all the generous door prize donations (names to be listed in the newspaper and in our next newsletter).

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to join our mailing list to receive news and updates, and stay-tuned for details regarding our next meeting to kick-start the fall season which will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 7am – MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Blog Post and Photos – June 13, 2019 with Christina Waschko, Motherpreneur Video Productions

The future has arrived and Video is here to stay, In her vibrant and energetic way, Christina Waschko, shared helpful tips and tools for creating videos using our smart phones so we can all “Shine OnLine”! This was not your typical presentation where, as a matter of housekeeping, attendees are asked to turn off or mute their phones – no, instead we were encouraged to bring them out and hold them high, selfies a must. Movement, angles and creativity are important, and Christina offered the following content suggestions to achieve the best attraction to our online videos:

  • include latest trends
  • explain industry terms
  • share “how-to” instructions
  • show behind the scenes
  • propose a challenge
  • offer an invitation / testimonial
  • share a struggle or obstacle

To learn more and connect with Christina, explore her website at

This month’s Business Card Spotlight featured Janet Laluc, B.Comm – Mortgage Planner, with Dominion Lending Centre Goldwater Financial. Whether you’re purchasing a home for the first time, taking out equity from your home for investment or pleasure, or your current mortgage is simply up for renewal, it’s important that you are making an educated buying decision with professional unbiased advice. To contact Janet, visit her website at or

SUMMER SOCIAL EVENT – TICKETS ON SALE NOW: ladies, put on your favourite shades and be sure to join us for our Women’s AM Summer Social on Thursday, July 18th at 5:30pm at Kingfishers Waterfront Bar & Grill. Check out our events page or purchase your tickets on Eventbrite at: