Welcome to our New Executive Committee for 2020!

A new year is upon us and a new Executive Committee has been appointed. We welcome Sandra Ramsay, Jan Hickman, Betty Selezinka, Flori Chaykowski, Jolanda Ostewegel and Ineke Boekhorst as your new executive for 2020.

Please join us on February 13, 2020 at 7am to celebrate the continuation of Women’s AM as we look forward to exciting presentations and networking opportunities!

Your former Executive, Bev Schmahmann (12 years), Kathleen Hatley (6 years), Vanessa Schumacher (4 years) and Christina Waschko (1 year), would like to express their heartfelt appreciation for their involvement with this amazing group, and due to personal obligations and commitments, made the decision to resign from their positions on the executive. Despite numerous attempts throughout 2019 to enlist new executive members, it appeared as though the group would fold, however, we are thankful to pass the baton and support the New Executive as they step into their roles to facilitate the group, meetings and events for the coming season.

Register NOW to join for the February 13th meeting: CLICK HERE