We kicked off our fall sessions with a lesson in fashion and business and what better way to increase success for our members!

Alice Zhou of Gracious Host Events and PR quizzed attendees on such terms as “Coutour” and “Attalia”, explaining industry trends, and how what we wear truly compliments and supports each of us, both personally and professionally. To learn more and connect with Alice, explore her website at gracioushost.ca

This month’s Business Card Spotlight featured Andie Froese of Kudoz where adults with and without cognitive disabilities come together around their passions and learn from each other. To become a host and volunteer your time for this program, contact Andie via the website at kudoz.ca or by phone at 604.862.5836.

*Be sure to enter our monthly draw to win your five minute opportunity to promote your business or event at an upcoming meeting.

Join us for our next meeting which will be on Thursday, October 10th at 7am – stay-tuned for details.

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