Our October speaker, Kristina Steinmetz, gave us lots of easy to implement, cost efficient, clever ideas to make our office space a bit more ‘calm and cozy’.
We don’t all have the luxury of having our own office, either away from home or in our own home. Regardless of where we’re working from, having an organized space that feels like ‘ours’ adds to a more productive, inspirational work flow.

Here are some of our take-away’s from Kristina’s talk:

Comfort: Invest in a great chair (more important than a desk)! Add a foot rest under your desk – lift your legs once in a while, it feels great. If possible, place your desk against a wall for you to be ‘in control’ of knowing who enters your space.

For a Personal Touch: Add a few photos, a souvenir, an inspirational quote or a painting that mean something to you.

Plants: Choose plants that are easy to look after and who like shade. For artificial plants, purchase real moss to cover up the tell-tale signs.

Lights: Inexpensive clip-on lights offer a direct light source. Floor lights diffuse light more evenly.

Storage Ideas: Use kitchen storage pieces (e.g. IKEA), use separation pieces for your drawers, wall mounted magazine racks, label matching baskets / boxes.

Sound: Try noise cancelling headphones if you love quiet and peace.

Colours: If you love a colour, go for it! This is your space! Don’t hold back!

For more clever and inspirational transformations go to www.kristinasteinmetz.com

Our 5 Minute Business Card Spotlight Speaker was Roxanne Davidson of Cabi Clothing
Roxanne introduced us to Cabi Clothing: convenient, stress and hassle free clothes shopping at home. Roxanne brought a variety of mix and match outfits from the autumn collection for us to admire and try on. For further information about Cabi Clothing or to book your personal in-home shopping experience contact Roxanne directly by email at mroxanne.davidson@gmail.com or via her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Roxanne-Davidson-Independent-Cabi-Stylist-745652995645778/

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