Eileen Dwillies’ talk was divided into two parts: during the first half she introduced us to various food movements around the Greater Vancouver area; recommended a few of her favourite cook book authors ( e.g. Michael Ableman) and suggested local markets to purchase our fresh produce from (e.g. Bruce’s Market, Hopcott Meats, Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, Lepp Farm Market, Golden Meadows Honey Farm).

During the second half of Eileen’s interesting talk she offered several time saving and delicious ideas for appetizers. Do you actually know the difference between an appetizer and hors d’ouvres? Appetizers are served as the first course when seated at the table. Hors d’ouvres, on the other hand, are one-bite items that are stationary or passed on a tray. Hors d’ouvres are served separate or prior to a meal. The literal translation means “outside the meal.”

Here’s one handy tip we loved: when serving small meatballs offer them with pretzel sticks instead of the ordinary toothpick or plastic picker! Thanks Eileen, great tip!


Our Five Minute Spotlight Speaker was Lily Laverton of Nurse Next Door.

For seniors, Nurse Next Door is an attractive alternative to a retirement home. With the help of a Nurse Next Door they can stay in their own home, being looked after and cared for in their golden years.

For more information please go to www.nursenextdoor.com or email Lily directly: lily.laverton@nursenextdoor.com

Here’s a glimpse of our delicious, interactive morning meeting:

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