Have you taken the BFF test? Is your self-talk the kind of message you would be saying to your best friend, and if not, just stop! Mindfulness, Gratitude and Self-Compassion were powerful topics presented by Brenda Norrie of Thrive Empowerment Solutions, our featured speaker for our May meeting. In her community of Maple Ridge, aside from being a serial entrepreneur since her 20’s, Brenda works with many community organizations and non-profits. Through her challenges as a girl, along with having learned to love life and build amazing friendships with amazing women, Brenda supports girls to venture out in the world with confidence, health, kindness and the knowledge that they have a tribe of other girls that have their backs. To contact Brenda for more information and upcoming events, we welcome you to visit her website at http://thrivesolutions.org

This month’s Business Card Spotlight featured Carol Kostachuk, CPB, of Carol on Call Office Assistance. Carol provides cloud based bookkeeping services, and encourages us all to protect our records through audit proof digital storage. To connect with Carol, visit her website at https://www.caroloncall.com/

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