Blog Post & Photos – February 8, 2018 with Vicki McLeod

Vicki McLeod intrigued us with the title of her presentation, “WHY GOAL SETTING DOESN’T WORK”. Of course, goals are necessary, but her message encouraged us to first clearly identify what we truly want, to focus and work on the resistance rather than the goal or result, and consider what ground conditions are needed to overcome.

Vicki highlighted that our WHY should give us “goosebumps” and we must have a deep connection with our innermost self/truth which takes time and give us Permission to Pause.

Vicki’s vision is that people live rich, authentic lives – recognizing and embracing their soulfulness, creativity and joy in being human. By doing so they will fall deeply in love with themselves, thereby fully loving others and creating a compassionate and peaceful world. To learn more, visit

Join Women’s AM for our next meeting on Thursday, March 8th at 7am – stay-tuned for details.

Blog Post & Photos – January 11, 2018 with Gay Conn, North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association

Gay Conn launched our 2018 sessions by introducing us to the North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association (NFTRA) which is a non-profit charitable organization enriching the lives of children and adults who experience physical, mental, emotional or social challenges by providing safe and professional therapeutic equine programming.

Following the devastating loss of her son, Clay, in 2001, Gay was motivated to pursue a lifelong dream, and her fascination of horses led her to NFTRA. The programs offered by NFTRA promote a host of benefits for riders, including fun, socialization and therapy which is a catalyst for learning and development.

A Competitive Program is now being offered, and attendees of Women’s AM enjoyed a special and personal message from 15 year old Hannah, who is working towards participating competitively, as she shared how the program has improved her confidence and enhanced her life.

Volunteers are welcome at NFTRA to assist with the following roles:
-side walkers
-board members

For further information, please visit their website at:

Vicki McLeod is our February speaker, and Vicki, together with Conny Graf Lewis, provided us with a brief introduction to their upcoming “DECLUTTERING CHALLENGE”. Join us on Thursday, February 8th, to learn more details and be inspired to create space, freedom and peace in your day-to-day life.

Blog Post & Photos – November 9, 2017 with Annika Polegato

Members of Women’s AM participated in a very sensitive yet informative conversation addressing the addiction crisis impacting communities everywhere. Annika Polegato, Executive Director, and Dawn Taylor, MA – School Youth Prevention, of Alouette Addictions provided valuable information and encouraged everyone to educate themselves and increase personal awareness on how each of us can help to combat this escalating issue. Compassion, Connection and Community will lead us towards better understanding, saving lives as our ultimate goal.

  • Found a questionable substance? Call Police Non-Emergency at 604.463.6251
  • Suspect someone is overdosing? Call 911, immediately!

For further information, questions or concerns, contact Annika or Dawn at Alouette Addictions at 604.467.5179 or visit:

For tickets to The DRAG Show, An ADULT Fundraiser for Alouette Addictions Services on February 17, 2018, visit:

Blog Post and Photos – October 12, 2017 with Kelly O’Halloran, Love Your Workout

Kelly O’Halloran of “Love Your Workout Health & Fitness” had us on our feet, leading Women’s AM attendees through an interactive presentation, demonstrating various activities she includes in her personal training, such as:

  • Nordic walking
  • gym stick
  • BOSU ball
  • bender ball
  • push-up handles
  • medicine ball
  • foam rolling
  • stability ball

Kelly shared her journey which led her to her current passion. Over the years, she has reinvented herself and is now building a business she loves and individuals’ fitness level with customized workout plans that are creative, fun and inspirational!

For Kelly’s contact details, check out her website at

Blog Post and Photos – September 14, 2017 with Freda Lombard, Zealous Art

Freda Lombard of Zealous Art & Painting pARTies led the members of Women’s AM through a step-by-step painting demo, resulting in an adorable keepsake to take home. Freda’s emphasis is on FUN art, not FINE art, and through her direction and encouragement, she demonstrates how once we let go of our fear, we are all capable of amazing creativity. Freda’s art studio is located in downtown Langley where she hosts regular art events or she can facilitate at-home painting parties and corporate business building events. For more info, contact Freda at

Our meeting commenced with a presentation by Amanda Grochowich, MCIP, RPP, regarding The City of Maple Ridge Zoning Bylaw changes relating to home based businesses. The City is conducting a review to look at ways to modernize and improve the regulations to better facilitate existing home based businesses and to provide greater opportunities. To provide your input, fill out the survey found at Also, the Home Based Business Task Force is hosting a meet & mingle event for local residents that may own or plan to operate a home based business at The Well on Friday September 22, 2017 between 3pm and 6pm. Space is limited so RSVP at

We look forward to seeing you at our next breakfast meeting on Thursday, October 12, 2017.

*Save the date for our Christmas Party, scheduled for Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 5:30pm

Blog Post and Photos – May 11, 2017 with Eileen Dwillies

Early risers of Women’s AM were treated to the creative cooking tips and stories of Eileen Dwillies. This charming author of nine cookbooks received “The Joy Of Cooking” from her mother which kindled her interest in cooking, a resource that Eilieen still highly recommends as a must-purchase gift for all new cooks! Originally employed as a Paralegal, Eileen left that career path to explore her passion of cooking by coordinating culinary travel expeditions which featured personal training from a number of “Chef Gurus”.

While regailing the group of her culinary and life’s adventures, Eileen demonstrated everything we “kneaded” to know about preparing her LAST MINUTE BREAD, a recipe used for pizza or focaccia bread which can be made in the food processor. As a finishing touch, everyone enjoyed a sample of the delightful bread.

To connect with Eileen for more information, or to attend one of her Creative Cooking Demonstrations, you can reach her by e-mail at